Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Book Review: The Trouble With Cowboys by Denise Hunter

Nothing feels worse that rushing to a conclusion about someone based off of an old experience and then finding out that not only were you wrong and misjudged that person but you wasted a lot of your time with a wrong opinion. I feel like that is what exactly happens with Annie Wilkerson in The Trouble with Cowboys She had a bad experience with cowboys in her past and then comes to this irrational conclusion that all cowboys are trouble. She thinks she knows what Dylan the cowboy is all about and boy does he get on her last nerves. Even more frustrating than that is that she can't stop this growing attraction to him and she is determined to NEVER date a cowboy!!

If the story seems familiar, all you have to do is read a few pages in to find out Jane Austen is Annie Wilkerson’s favorite author and she is deep into re-reading Pride and Prejudice. The Trouble with Cowboys by Denise Hunter is that novel come to life in Big Sky Country. Annie is Elizabeth Bennet letting her prejudices cloud her feelings for her Mr.Darcy; Dylan Tyler. While it makes the storyline a bit predictable, it is also charming and endearing. Those characters are timeless and seeing them paralleled in a different setting are worth the read.

The most enjoyable part of the book is the dialogue between Annie and Dylan. It’s very well written. The banter and flirting between the two keep the book moving at a nice pace.
In return for some romantic advice from Dylan for her new column in a magazine, Annie helps Braveheart, Dylan's horse, to try to cope with blindness... But in the meantime Annie and Dylan each have their own "blindness" that requires a "brave heart" to persevere through while learning to "see" in new ways. It's an enjoyable journey for the reader - but not without its serious struggles regarding misunderstandings, prejudice, and learning to let go.

The best part of The Trouble with Cowboys has got to be the dialogue between Annie and Dylan. Their banter and flirting is just hilarious and kept me smiling throughout the entire book. I also love the forbidden romance idea to it and the secondary store going on with Annie's sister!! Lots of things to keep ya entertained!

If you have not gotten the chance to read anything by Denise Hunter you need to change that and I say starting with The Trouble with Cowboys is a great start! This is a third book in a series but I believe it stands on its own great and it is by far my favorite of the three.

The family angle is easy to relate to, and I found the message about trusting in God to be presented in a moving and inspiring way. The Trouble with Cowboys combines everything I look for in a good, faith –based romance novel - an engaging romance, an interesting setting, great secondary characters, and a faith lesson(without a preachy or condescending tone) that I can take to heart.

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